Using the advanced infrared technology, TIT-202 can convert the radiation
information into image, and clearly displays on the color screen. It reflects the slight defect
as small temperature difference while the diagnostic device cannot detect them.



  • Built-in Database, assist to analysis the problems of vehicle efficiently and effectively. Visually
    Show Good or Bad Status of the Vehicle.
  • It can be used at any area of a vehicle to easily capture the IR image and detect the hard-to-reach areas.
  • Detect the problems of the vehicle efficiently and effectively, cover Engine fault, body air tightness, exhaust pipe, brake system, body heating, bearing system, electrical device and more.
  • Comprehensive database of automotive applications, cover the info of good situation, bad situation and also diagnostic tips for the technician's.
  • Extensive high-res images storage up to 20000.
  • More and more repair shops actively to take advantage of the thermal imaging technology in the daily diagnosis.


SKU: Part #307010019

    1. Display: 3.5 240x320
    2. Capture 20,000 JPG pictures
    3. Color Palette Rainbow: iron red, cool
    color, Black & White
    4. Visible Light Camera: 30,000 pictures
    5.  Micro USB 2.0
    6. Dimension: 224x75x102mm
    7. Weight: 350g


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