Creader Professional Elite



Introducing The C-reader Professional Elite – The NEW benchmark in diagnostic solutions from Launch Tech USA. The C-reader Professional supports all of the 10 modes of OBDII and is able to diagnose the 4 main systems (Engine, Transmission, ABS,SRS Systems).

In addition the C-reader Professional Elite also supports reset functions of EPB, SAS, DPF, Oil Light, ABS Bleeding, as well as the ability to generate a diagnostic report and share via email. The C-reader Professional Elite features a 5.0” 720 Touch screen and Wi-Fi updates.


8 Total Resets:

  • Injector Coding
  • Battery Reset
  • EPB
  • SAS Reset
  • DPF Regen
  • Oil Reset
  • Brake Bleed
  • Throttle Relearn




  • 5” color Touch Screen and thumb Pad Navigation
  • Based on Android™ OS
  • WIFI automatic updates-No more USB Cable to Laptop
  • Full Coverage-Domestic, Asia, European Vehicles (1996 and newer OBDII)
  • Supports Auto VIN Detection and connection
  • Diagnostic report and share via email

Creader Professional Elite

SKU: Part #301050451

    • C Reader Professional Elite

    • Android™ 7.0
    • 1.0GHz Quad-Core Processer
    • 1G Memory
    • 8G Built-in Storage
    • 4000mAh Polymer Lithium lon Battery
    • 5’’ Color Capacitive Touch Screen
    • Support Wi-Fi Network


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