CNC-603A Injector Cleaner



CNC-603A Injector Cleaner is an advanced electromechanical integration product that combines ultrasonic cleaning technology with microprocessor hydraulic control cleaning detection technology. It can clean and inspect the fuel injectors of the car, and also clean the fuel injectors and the fuel supply system.




Five Kinds of Test Modes:

Uniformity Test

Leakage Test

Injecting Flow Test

Auto Test

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Mutli-Languages are Supported: English, Russian, Spanish, Korean, French, Portuguese, and Italian.




  • Input Power: 230W
  • Cleaning Power: 100W
  • Range of Rotation: 10-9990rpm / step length: 10rpm
  • Time Limit: 1-9999s
  • Pulse Width Range: 0.5~25ms / step length: 0.1ms
  • Fuel Range: 2500mL
  • Dimensions: 365 x 350 x 420mm
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Power Supply:
      • AC 220V±10% 50Hz / 60Hz
      • AC 110V±10% 50Hz / 60Hz

CNC-603A Injector Cleaner

SKU: Part #303010112
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