BST-560 - Portable Battery System Tester

BST-560 enables you to test your car battery and ensure that it is operating at optimum
levels. It supports 6 kinds of tests, includes ripple detection, battery test, electric current
test, starter tester, charging system test, voltage test. More, it is ideal for a range of




• A variety of applicable vehicle types, battery types and calibration systems

• The potential problem of vehicles can be detected in advance

• The battery and circuit system can be detected simultaneously

• The battery test results are quick and accurate (within 3 Sec.)

• No heating, no discharge, no spark, no operating risks

• Support Automatic temperature compensation function

• Available to the batch inspection of battery by testing continuously and repeatedly

• Support multiple languages menu

• Results of the battery test: ‘Good’ or ‘To replace’


SKU: Part #307050055

    • Case
    • USB Charger
    • Wall Outlet

    • Battery Health with available CCA
    • Vehicle starting voltage detection
    • Low Voltage Battery Test (Able to test low to 8V)
    • Supports Multiple Languages
    • Displays Battery Internal Resistance
    • Displays Available CCA
    • State of Charge Percentage
    • Back Lit display
    • In Vehicle testing Capability

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