Scope Box 2



Turn your X-431 Throttle and X-431 PAD II into a 4 channel Lab Scope with the Scopebox. The Scopebox quickly captures suspect/intermittent signals for waveform analysis via the Throttle and PAD II. By analyzing waveforms, a variety of faults on sensors, actuators, circuits and electronic control units can be discovered – saving time on vehicle diagnosis and cutting down on unnecessary parts replacement costs.

Electrical signals and their waveforms can be recorded, displayed, compared and examined based on the following param- eters: amplitude (the maximum voltage of a signal), shape (the form of the signal), pulse width (the duty cycle or time interval of the signal) and array (the repetition characteristics of the signal).





  • Extensive Library Of Known Good Waveforms Waveform Auto Set Up On All 4 Channels
  • Independent Ground On Each Channel – Allows For Clean Signal Without Interference Or Potentially Damaging Feedback
  • High Quality Twist & Lock BNC Connectors
  • Easy To Use Intuitive Interface
  • Includes An Array Of Conventional Ignition Adapters
  • Includes Ignition Set-Up Pre-Selects
  • Ultra-fast Capture Of “Glitch” Occurrences With Advanced Triggers
  • Built-in Square Wave Signal Generator Ensures Verification Of Accuracy & Calibration
  • Record, Save & Print Stored Waveforms
  • Playback Of Waveform Can Be Slowed Down For Observation And Analysis
  • Separate Scopebox Module Allows For Remote Display Viewing Via Single USB Cable – View Scopebox Readings On The PAD II From Afar
  • Plug & Play – Software Comes Pre-Loaded In All The PAD II Units; Nothing To Install!
  • Connects Via USB To The PAD II
  • Highest Sampling Rate In The Industry To Capture The Smallest Possible Glitch – Four Channel: Up to 200 Megasamples Per Second & Single Channel: 50 Megasamples Per Second
  • Bandwidth: 20MHz DC Accuracy +/- 1%

Scope Box 2

SKU: Part #301020519

    • Scopebox unit
    • Durable carrycase
    • 4 x Secondary ignition pick-up lines
    • 4 x BNC to 4mm connector test cable
    • 4 x Direct ignition extension cord
    • 3 x 6 way universal guidelines fofr 4-channel oscilloscope
    • 1 x Independent ignition extension cable with ground
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 4 x Black multimeter probe head (4 channel)
    • 4 x Red multimeter probe head (4 channel)
    • 4 x Black oscilloscope crocodile chuck (4 channel)
    • 4 x Red oscilloscope crocodile chuck (4 channel)
    • 4 x HT201 attenuator
    • 1 x needle set

    • 4 channels for measurements.
    • Maximum frequency 150 Mhz.
    • Bandwidth 20 Mhz.
    • The maximum depth of conservation 64MSa.
    • Accuracy of measurements +/- 1%.
    • Resolution 8-bit.

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  • Compatible with

    1. X-431 Throttle

    2. X-431 PADII AE

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