X-431 Throttle

X-431 Throttle is the newly developed high-end comprehensive diagnostic equipment with charging base based on the Android™ 7.1 system, supports dual 5GHZ WIFI communication, has a strong diagnostic capabilities, accurate detection data, and other features and functions.

ADAS transparent background.png

X-431 ADAS Pro

ADAS stand for Advanced Driver Assist Systems- These systems are designed to create a safer environment for the driver and those around him. These systems help reduce the possibility of an accident or collision. Compatible with X-431 Throttle and X-431 Pad II AE.

HD Add-on module.png

HD Truck Module

The Launch Heavy Duty Truck Add-On Module is perfect for a shop that works on both heavy-duty (Class 4 through 8) and medium-duty trucks. This add-on Module turns existing Launch Professional Scanners into a full function Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tools. 

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